Summer Bucket List

Hello all.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m 30 next year or I’m just looking at life with a new positive outlook but I plan on making the most of my year. This includes doing a summer bucket list. Here are a few things that I am planning on doing over the summer:

Bowling – I absolutely love bowling. I’m not very good at it but I think it’s a great activity to do with friends and family. If you haven’t done it before, I would really recommend finding out which night your local bowling alley does glow bowling where it’s all neon lights and fun. Grab some friends, order a food platter and some fun summer drinks and have a great day out.

Go to the Beach – I love the beach and paddling in the sea, watching a sunset. I don’t think it matters what age you are, we all look for shells! You are never too old to build a sandcastle. If there are enough of you why not take a volleyball set or a Frisbee.

Make Lemonade – I have never done this before and just really want to give it a go. I think lemonade is one of those perfect summer drinks. It’s really easy to make.

Make Lollies – Again, I haven’t actually done this before but want to give it a go. My partner and I enjoy our evenings sat in the garden, bit of background music on, and I think this would be a fun addition.

Go swimming – It’s been ages since I went swimming. It’s a great way to keep fit but also a lot of fun. Water parks are fun. There aren’t that many here in the UK but I think I’m going to try and find some.

Have a BBQ – We are having a lot of staff stay over the summer period for shifts and I’m planning on a lot of evening BBQs. I cannot wait for this!

Go for a hike – We live less than an hour from the New Forest in Hampshire. An amazing place to go hiking. All the wild ponies, donkeys and cows. We were watching some deer on our way home from there the other week. There’s lots of little villages dotted around the New Forest which are perfect to stop for a drink.

Have a picnic – Who doesn’t love a good picnic? All the fun of preparing the food beforehand, having a catch up and some fun with your mates. Fruit kebabs are always a popular picnic treat.

Go to a summer fete / fun day – I’m lucky as I get to go to a lot of these with work. My partner is also a fan of these and we try and take Duke to a few of these a year, particularly if there’s a dog show. He has won a few rosettes.

Go to a festival – Again, I go to a lot of these with work. Not the big Glastonbury-type ones but the little local ones. I think they are the best – less mud, cleaner and not all the crowds.

Watch a sunset – To be honest, this doesn’t have to be on the summer bucket list. Watching a sunset is beautiful anytime of the year. Sat in the garden with Duke and the other half, glass of wine, watching the sunset – perfect.

Make a pizza – because it’s fun! I’ve not done that since I did cooking in secondary school. A great way to make sure all your favourite toppings are on it. Must have that side of garlic bread though!

Grow something and eat it – we have sown the seeds for our tomatoes and peppers so fingers crossed they turn out well.

Feed the ducks – a childhood activity but a fun one. There’s lots of little rivers and ponds around Wiltshire, will have to go exploring.

Go to a fun fair – because it’s just a summer tradition! A bit of hook a duck, go on a few rides – always great fun.

Have a games night – even just me and the other half. Going to dig out those board games, enjoy some summer drinks and just have a fun evening. Time for a bit of monopoly (I’ve never even played cluedo or operation before!) and even the traditional snakes and ladders. Chocolate prizes I think!

Try a summer craft – I have no idea what craft yet. Please feel free to give me some suggestions. I just fancy doing something that is bright and colourful and will remind me what a great summer this is going to be.

Treat myself to new flip flops – part of the annual summer fun. They don’t have to be expensive. Primark always have some bright and fun designs.

Have a slush puppy – Absolutely love these. What’s your favourite flavours? I’m not sure if the cola one is my favourite or lemon and lime. There are less and less places selling them it seems, so hard to find.

Learn to ride a bike – I have never ridden a bike with no stabilisers. I know, at my age, right?! I’ve convinced the other half to teach me over the summer. I’m really looking forward to it.

Have a summer party – get some friends over, some cocktails (and mocktails for those driving!) and a bit of party food, some summer tunes. Has to be done!

I haven’t actually got a holiday booked where I go away for a few days or a week or so – the wonders of running your own company! Work is just that busy which is a good thing so I can wait for a while before I go away again. We are just planning on grabbing a few days out here and there. Duke will come out with us quite a bit I imagine. He loves going in the car and exploring new places.

Anyway, please let me know what you plan on doing over the summer. I hope you have a great one and make the most of it. I know it’s tempting to stay in bed but go enjoy it!


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