National Fish and Chip Day!

It’s National Fish and Chip Day!!!!!

Not that my partner and I need an excuse go have fish and chips. It’s a monthly treat for us but sometimes we do it ourselves at home, sometimes we go to the local chippy. Which do you prefer? He likes to do the salt and vinegar at home, I like them to do it there, and always a sausage for Duke!

Let me know if your local fish and chip shop is celebrating National Fish and Chip Day. I’ll be finding our later when I pop out for ours.

I’m not a huge fish fan, I don’t mind the odd fish cake or cod in batter but our local fish and chips does some brilliant veggie burgers so that’s my favourite.

If you’re having a fish and chips night at home, I’d recommend Birds Eye Harry Ramsden cod fillets in batter, really yummy. Don’t forget the mushy peas! You can get a tin for about 25p so how can you resist?!

Go and treat yourself today if you can and have a nice fish and chip night – either take away or do it yourself J

For some fun facts on fish and chips check out this website:

For those of you local to us, on the SpireFm website there is a voucher for one of our local ones:


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