Favourite Apps

I am one of those people who thinks mobile phones take over our lives. It seems many people have lost the art of normal conversation, that things have to be discussed via text or email rather than letters, phone calls or actually going to see someone. I appreciate for speaking to people who are far away, it’s great but I feel the personal touch is missing at times.

Most phones these days have cameras and I wouldn’t be without mine. I remember the days before phones had cameras and the number of times we would say “I wish I had a camera with me” and now we all do on our phones!

My favourite app at the moment is Instagram (I’m soph_faith). It’s lovely following friends but also nice to see other people around the world and their passions and things they like.

WordPress is great. Although I submit my blog posts from my laptop, I do like to have a look at stats and read other people’s blogs while I’m out and about.

Duolingo – a really fun language learning app. It breaks topics down into quiz form and you can set yourself targets of how long to practice for. It’s really good fun, I really recommend trying it. There’s lots of languages on there.

Balanced – simple but good. Again, it’s target based but it’s targets to make you a more balanced person. Some of my targets for example are: drink some water, write in my journal, be thankful, meet new people.

Family Guy app – my partner and I love watching Family Guy and I was delighted when I found there was an app. You get the characters to do certain tasks and you win points and items to collect to free new characters, costumes, etc. I’m not on it every day but it is a good boredom buster.

Riddle Stones – a puzzle game. Like a block version of Sudoku in a way. Another good boredom buster.

Timehop – it shows you what posts you made on apps like Facebook and what photos you took on that day but in previous years. Brings back a lot of memories.

Bank app – it’s really handy to check bank balances and move money around on the go. Really helpful app.

YouTube – wouldn’t be without this app. I’ve always got some music videos on while I’m getting ready in the morning or I’ll put a TedX talk on while I’m in the bath. It’s good for revision and it’s just fun to watch vlogs to get insights into the lives of others. As well as Sprinkle of Glitter, I am a fan of Zoella and Tanya Burr.

Dropbox – we use Dropbox at work and have our schedules, and policies etc on there so this is handy to refer to things when out and about.

Facebook – need I say more. I’m not on it often but it’s good to catch up on what’s going on in friends lives.

EBay – I do use EBay a lot for buying on selling so it’s nice to be able to keep track of how the items I’m selling are doing.

Games – for those long boring shifts I have some games downloaded: All 3 Candy Crush games, Blossom Blast and Jelly Splash.

What are your favourite apps?


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