Keeping your dog cool this summer

Hi all,

Just a reminder on how important it is to keep your pet cool this summer. The temperature the last couple of days has been so high here and poor little Duke struggles with the heat. He gets clipped regularly but with temperatures like this, it’s just not enough.

There are some inexpensive ways to keep your dog cool. Always ensure there is water down and this changed regularly. I found a great bowl in B&M yesterday for just £2.99. You put the bowl itself into the freezer for 2 hours and then it keeps the water cool for up to 8 hours. I’ve used it for Duke yesterday and today and it really does keep the water cool for several hours.


Also in B&M we found a pet cooling mat for £4.99 which automatically cools down when your pet sits on it. Trying to keep Duke still enough to settle on it is a challenge but hopefully he will take to this too.


As Duke doesn’t mind getting wet, we treating him to a paddling pool as well in the garden. We got a good sized one (think it was £16.99 – also B&M) that’s big enough for him to swim in if he wants. He quite enjoyed our game yesterday evening of throwing his ball in the pool and him fetching it out.


We have a fan set up in the living room pointing at the sofa that Duke sleeps on and one in front of the bed for night time. The noise doesn’t seem to bother him and he will settle in front of it.

Dog food can get quite horrible in this heat and can attract flies so Duke is on a cold meat diet now while it’s this hot. We also feed him when we are home so we can make sure if he doesn’t want it then we pick it up rather than leave it down to get warm and attract flies.

Hope your doggies are okay this summer 🙂


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