A Day In My Life

Hi all,

I have two distinct parts to my job – the office side and the events side.

I’m Operations Manager of a private ambulance firm so as well as being out on the road, I spend a lot of time in the office.

My day is filled with spreadsheets of events and staff rotas. My day starts with checking the company emails. This will involve booking events in with clients and answering staff queries. I’ll then check the diary and make sure we have all events covered with staff. On a Sunday evening or Monday morning I send out a reminder email to staff of all the events they are working in the coming week with address details, timings, etc.

I manage the recruitment side of things so I will spend time going through application forms, sending off for references and checking applicant’s qualifications.

I go through every single patient report form and send a report to the customer on the types of injuries at their event and how they were managed. We have about 150 events a month so this takes quite a few hours to do each week. This helps us with risk assessments and in deciding any additional kit that may be required in the places we work.

In booking staff for an event, I need to be familiar with the event. This will involve getting details from the client, checking reviews of maybe the performer at another venue, watching videos of the crowds at bands on youtube to see how many people are pulled over the pit, the crowd make up, any mosh pits etc.

My role also includes doing staff appraisals, filing, designing staff training, attending health and safety meetings, doing site visits, organising equipment and vehicles. I ensure we are compliant with the organisations we are governed by and I’m often writing policies and procedures. I update the staff portal and the office portal, making sure everyone has access to the information they require.

I do enjoy the office side of things as much as I do being out on the road. Our office hours aren’t a straight forward 9-5 Mon-Fri. A lot of our staff have other jobs and tend to contact us of an evening and most of our events run evenings and weekends so that’s when we need to be on top of emails which luckily we can do from home.

We take Duke with us to the office evenings and weekends as everyone else tends to be away from their offices then. He loves it and always brings a toy with him.

My office essentials:

I love my little duck push pins (20 for £2.00 in Paperchase). The sheep mobile holder is from Debenhams. The dinosaur memo holder they do in WH Smith and Paperchase (we got this little guy because it’s green and that’s the theme of our office). And of course I have The Bright Side Emergency Chocolate Fund.

I’ll show you the other side of my job soon xx


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