Christmas already? Oh yes…..

Hi All,

There’s been such a split in my friends I’ve noticed – some are like me and can’t wait for Christmas, some think it’s far too early to talk about it yet. I just like to plan ahead and be prepared.


I love shopping for people and I use a gift planner app on my tablet. It’s brilliant as it’s password protected to prevent any snooping. You can list everyone you need to buy for, what you want to get them and you can mark off when you’ve bought the item and when you wrap it. It keeps a note of how much you’ve spent on each person and how much you have spent overall if you are budgeting which is great.


I have set a budget for each person this year. It’s so easy to get carried away so I am limiting how much I spend this year.

Online Shopping

I’ve started looking at online shops and in a word document I have a list of products on websites that I am thinking of getting. I don’t like leaving online shopping to the last minute but I’m holding out for Black Friday for a few electronic goods.

Getting in the Christmas mood

The shops are beginning to get Christmas bits in. Tesco have got their range of Christmas diffusers and candles at the moment. I think I’m going to have to give in and get some. The gingerbread latte range smells so lovely.

I’ve done the first bit of wrapping! To stop someone uncovering their presents early 🙂





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