Blackpool Adventure – part 1!!!

Just came back from an amazing few days away with my partner in Blackpool – a much needed break. Luckily for me, my partner is just as fun-loving as I am and we aimed to go to as many attractions as possible in just a few days. We had both been to Blackpool as children and wanted to re-live as much as possible.

We travelled up Sunday night so we would be there to enjoy the whole of Monday. It took only about 4 and a half hours to get there – and that included a McDonalds break! We stayed at a Premier Inn – not being snobby at all, when I went on Trivago, it was the same price as staying in a B&B on the front so we thought why not have a bit of luxury.

On Monday we squeezed in so much! We started at the Star Trek exhibition along the front. No, we aren’t HUGE fans but we used to watch it when we were younger and thought it would be giggle – and it was. It’s not very big at all, it only took us about half hour to go around which was disappointing but we did enjoy that half hour. There’s an interactive app you can play with, you can get a video of you using the transporter, you can sit on the bridge. It’s good fun.

After the Star Trek exhibition we decided to go up the Blackpool Tower. We got the Blackpool Big Ticket which was a great deal at £45 each and it covered 7 attractions. Even though in the end we had only done 5, it still saved us lots of money.

Going up the Tower was brilliant. We had both done it as children and it was lovely to do it again. They have an amazing 4D show before you get in the lifts to go up. Although it was a windy and wet day, it was still  a lovely view an this is a definite must when you visit Blackpool. And of course, being big kids we had to walk over the glass bit!

We then decided to investigate Blackpool Pleasure Beach so we got the car and drove up there (too far to walk!). I admit, we were stunned at the cost to get in. It’s as pricey as the likes of Chessington World of Adventures and Thorpe Park now but didn’t seem anywhere near as big. We paid to go round and soak up the atmosphere as we were not prepared to pay £30 each when we didn’t know how much we would do in there. My partner has no fear but I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to rides.

We decided to get just a few tokens to go on one or two rides while we walked around, was stunned that you had to buy a minimum of 20 tokens (£20) before you could buy other values. This actually only covered 2 rides!!!!! The ride operators were rude and we were so disappointed that we decided not to back. Incredibly disappointing for what is meant to be one of the highlights of Blackpool!

There is a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not just outside the Pleasure Beach which was only £6 each and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew it wouldn’t be as big as the one in London but it was a lot bigger than we expected and we easily spent an hour or so having a look around. I would really recommend this attraction.

That was us then shattered on day one. We popped back to the hotel for a nap before we planned on going out and hitting a few arcades and seeing the illuminations but we woke up several hours later and it was too late to do anything!

I’ll tell you about some more we got up to in my next post. Hope you’re all well guys xx



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