Duke’s Post: The Dogs Takeaway

Hi all,

Just a note from me Duke.

I got a sample box from The Dogs Takeaway, my favourite dog treat people! Mummy asked them for some doggy mixtures for me but they sent me a whole box of goodies. As soon as it was delivered I knew it was for me as I could smell the treats through the box!


There were so many treats, I didn’t know which to start with!


The Doggy Mixtures are my favourite treat in the whole world!!! They are like bite size sweeties for dogs. They are good for training and I’m just learning with the clicker so these are a helpful treat.

The pork strips were nice too. I decided to bury them a few times before eating them. I think it makes things taste even nicer…..

I tried to run off with a whole string of the tiny bangers they were yummy.

The mini puds were lovely. I really liked the meat and tripe ones but Mummy and Daddy said they smelt strong but I like that smell!!!

I really liked the Chicken Burgers and the Lamb and Duck grills. They were really nice and the perfect size snack for me. I’m hoping Mummy and Daddy will order me some of these with the next lot of Doggy Mixtures.


I really hope Santa Paws will bring me some of these treats for Christmas. They are all healthy and natural treats so Mummy and Daddy don’t have to worry about any naughty things in them.

Mummy says they are very well priced and I would recommend The Dogs Takeaway to all my doggy friends!



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