Blackpool Adventure – Part 2!!

Hi guys,

Day 2 for us was just as jam-packed for us as day 1!

We slept in a bit longer than the day before as nothing seems to open until at least 1000. Assuming that’s just because it’s out of season, but if you’re heading to Blackpool now, I would bear that in mind.

We started off at Madame Tussauds which was included in our big ticket and we almost had the place to ourselves. Like the Ripleys, this was a lot bigger than we expected. The staff were so friendly, amazing photo opportunities. This has to be another must-see of Blackpool. There’s a festival section with a little camper van and karaoke stage. There’s an I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here section where you can have bush tucker trial pics. So much fun, I would really recommend this. You can even get yourself a wax hand!

Our next attraction was as amazing and we could have easily spent all day in there just looking around. We went to Illuminasia in the Winter Gardens. It’s all indoor illuminations and WOW doesn’t even cover it. There’s a little 3D video which had us mesmerised for ages and we were running round the attraction like kids looking at everything.

There’s a cafe in there which is possibly one of the cheapest in Blackpool but serves good snacks. We caught the laser show which was brilliant. This attraction should be seen by everyone. You have a little quiz you can do going around and you get a certificate at the end. Just look at some of these illumination pics!!!

We had the circus in the tower booked for half 2 and we got there a bit early so we went to sit in the Tower Ballroom (also included on the Big Ticket). I am a Strictly Come Dancing fan and they do film an episode or two there. We did actually see a BBC van outside the tower on Thursday so who knows….

Absolutely loved the ballroom, we sat and watched them dance for ages and it was beautiful. The Wurlitzer organ came up which was great to see. If we hadn’t booked tickets for a specific time for the circus, we would have stayed there for hours I think.

We were divided on the circus (this was also included in the Big Ticket). He absolutely loved it, I didn’t. I’m not a fan of clowns and it was very clown orientated. The acrobatic displays were great and I think if you’re going with children, they will love the circus. They can get their faces painted like a clown (including being given a red nose), they had all the light up things for sale you could think of. There was the water finale which was good. Bit mixed on that one.

That evening after dinner we decided to drive along the illuminations which were lovely. It’s a shame really that they aren’t on over the summer for the children on holiday to see but the illuminations were part of the reason we came up when we did. Only saw two lit up trams but they were great. A perfect end to the day 🙂


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