Duke’s Post: Evening and Bedtime Routine

Hi all,

Please excuse any typing errors – it’s not easy typing with paws.

I see a lot of humans writing about their evening and bedtime routine so I thought I would share mine.

I eat dinner the same time as Mummy and Daddy. I think it’s because they hope I won’t annoy them for some of theirs but I think people food is weird. I like eating my dinner, getting my snout covered in dog food and then trying to give them kisses so they get covered in it too 🙂 It smells nice so that’s ok!

After dinner I have a pre-bed nap on the sofa. When I can, I like trying to push Mummy’s laptop off her lap and then I can have proper cuddles.


Sometimes I will watch TV. I like cartoons and programmes with other doggies in them. I often try and talk to the other doggies but I don’t think they can hear very well!

Before bed, I go out in the garden. I know Mummy and Daddy want me to go toilets but it is also very important that I wander around the garden, checking everything is ok. Even if everyone is getting cold, I need to sniff round the washing line, all the pots, etc. It’s my garden and I need to make sure everything is as it should be.

When I go upstairs to bed, I take a toy up with me. This gives me something to play with while Mummy and Daddy watch TV in bed.

I normally sleep between them but when Daddy is working nights, I take his spot on the bed (to look after it of course). I have my own bed in their room for when I get too hot having cuddles.





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