Changing Things Up A Bit

For a while now, I guess I have felt stuck. You know that feeling when you want your life to change but it’s just a bad time or you don’t know quite how to change things? Plus with other commitments, you can’t just pack up and run off.

I’ve just sat down and written myself a list of little things I want to achieve and also long term big goals. I’ve just broken the big goals down into little steps that are achievable and hopefully will allow me to achieve somethings I have wanted to do for years.

I’ve decided to make some day to day changes in my life, teeny small steps but hopefully ones that will start to make a difference to my health and state of mind.

I want to open my mind to new things so every week I am going to make the effort to:

  • Listen to a new band I have never heard before
  • Try a food I haven’t tried before
  • Read a new blog
  • Try a new app

Every month I want to:

  • Watch a new movie
  • Watch a couple of episodes of a TV series I wouldn’t normally try to watch (I never wanted to watch Game of Thrones – after two episodes I was hooked!)
  • Try a new product – make up, household, etc
  • Get a bit further with driving (I’m terrified driving since an accident and at the moment I’m only driving a few roads from home)

We have quite a hectic schedule so I am working on ways of getting more organised. I’m going to try to:

  • Do a food plan for a week to make sure we eat more at home than eat out which we seem to do a lot
  • Plan my social media blogs

And on a normal day-to-day basis:

  • Drink more water and less fizzy drinks
  • Play the piano every day if possible
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day shut off having quiet time to read or meditate
  • Deal with emails on a daily basis rather than let them build up
  • Go through training with Duke
  • Work on my appearance bit – change up my make up every now and then, try out new outfits
  • Actually follow a skincare routine for more than a day!

So let’s see if that starts to make a difference. I’m hoping that once the above become habits, I can start changing a few more things and adding a bit more to my routine.

I’m going to re-visit this post in a months’ time and see if I have been able to follow it. Have a great evening guys


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