Winter Accessories – North Polar Bear

As I peak through the curtains I can see the frost on the cars outside. There’s an uninviting mist and a feeling of winter looming which makes the notion of letting go of the duvet an unreasonable challenge. I think we have all had that moment of lying in bed, all toasty and warm and wondering what the implications would be of not going to work that day and having a duvet day.

With winter setting in, our attentions turn away from summer dresses and flip flops and now focus on woolly jumpers and tights. Accessorising in winter is just as crucial as in the summer, except this time we can explain our purchases as necessities for keeping warm rather than simply embellishments of our outfits.

I have recently discovered North Polar Bear, a brand hitting the market this year which focuses on providing luxury and warmth to the season. All products are handmade and have an urban outdoor inspired feel to them. The focus is on quality with materials and their effectiveness. There’s a minimalist feel to the design which I love.

The logo of course is a polar bear but with a brilliant modern spin. This little guy features on the mugs and t-shirts. On the website, there is detail on each product so you know exactly what you are getting and the materials used on these splendid creations.


Being a lover of anything Christmas, I find myself drawn to the metallic Christmas stockings with fur trim. With an option of silver or red and each coming in three different sizes, these scream Christmas fun. They are modern. They are shiny. They are perfect.


Despite being drawn to the Santa Red Mittens, I find myself falling in love with the Petrol Mittens. With their metallic navy leather with cobalt blue lining they ooze elegance. Unlike many other brands, there are different sizes and helpfully there is a size guide which explains how to measure and establish which size you need. As well as the Santa Red and the Petrol Mittens, there are another 4 exquisite colours: Nude, Cloud, Black, and Pine. All the colours are striking, chic and stylish – perfect for followers of fashion or those that just wish to look dignified for the season.


Most, if not all, of the products can be personalised so these products would make the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. I’ve sat down with my other half, shown the website and hinted quite heavily about an item or two going on my Christmas list.

I urge you to spend some time on the journal page where you can see several pictures which give a feel of the brand. This clean minimalist approach. There’s photos of places that have inspired some of the products which show which are simply stunning.

If you are looking to keep warm and be elegant at the same time – I would really recommend you visit this page and see the amazing products which are perfect for this time of year.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this up and coming brand.

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