Changing things up a bit – how did it go?

Well, I said I would re-visit my ‘Changing Things Up A Bit’ post and it’s been about a month now. Let’s see what I actually can say I stuck to:

I want to open my mind to new things so every week I am going to make the effort to:

  • Listen to a new band I have never heard before – no….. this didn’t happen
  • Try a food I haven’t tried before – yep, I’ve done this and I’m really happy I did as I’m liking things I didn’t think I would
  • Read a new blog – This I am doing, I find it very relaxing sitting down and reading other’s blog posts.
  • Try a new app – I’ve done this. I’ve been doing ‘Peak’ brain training and I’ve also downloaded: Episode (a role playing game), ‘Block! Hexa’ (a puzzle game), and ‘Animation Throwdown’ – I’ve kept all games on my phone, I have to say – I’m liking this.

Every month I want to:

  • Watch a new movie – this I am doing, and almost weekly
  • Watch a couple of episodes of a TV series I wouldn’t normally try to watch – not done this yet…..
  • Try a new product – make up, household, etc – again, no……
  • Get a bit further with driving – unfortunately not

We have quite a hectic schedule so I am working on ways of getting more organised. I’m going to try to:

  • Do a food plan for a week to make sure we eat more at home than eat out which we seem to do a lot – yep, we are doing this and I have even done some batch cooking to load up the freezer
  • Plan my social media blogs – I’m so behind on this, been working loads but hoping to get into a routine now.

And on a normal day-to-day basis:

  • Drink more water and less fizzy drinks – this varies on a day-to-day basis. One day I will just drink water, the next I go back to fizzy drinks
  • Play the piano every day if possible – more like one a week at the moment
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day shut off having quiet time to read or meditate – this I am doing and it really has calmed me down and in general given me a bit of space which has been great.
  • Deal with emails on a daily basis rather than let them build up – I’ve done this every day! It’s such a great feeling to see an empty inbox 🙂
  • Go through training with Duke – Yep, and going for a walk every day
  • Work on my appearance bit – change up my make up every now and then, try out new outfits – not so much
  • Actually follow a skincare routine for more than a day! – I lasted a week!


Not the best start, somethings I am getting into the swing of, others – not so much, but I am not going to beat myself up about this. I have made some changes and will try again on the things I haven’t changed yet.

On the whole though I am feeling much better in myself. I now sit down each day and sort out a to-to list. This is stopping me forget things and also giving me a sense of achievement when I’ve ticked things off. Does anyone else do a daily to-do list?


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