What I am Looking Forward to This Year

Hi all,

Hope you are all having an awesome day?

I have been dreading this year for so long. I have just had a bee in my bonnet about turning 30 – I have no idea why. I’ve actually been worried about it for the last few years – daft and pointless.

I then decided to focus on all the positives this year will bring. As I posted previously, I wrote my 30 things to do in my 30th year. This has really been good in that I have goals and aims that in previous years, I haven’t bothered considering.

Family-wise, it’s a bit one. My Uncle turns 60 – he’s awesome! And it’s my Nan and Grandad’s 60th wedding anniversary. So we have a couple of big occasions to look forward to.

For my partner and I, and this is something that up to now I have shied away from sharing, but this year opens up the possibility of children. We have been trying for several years now and have had no joy. Unfortunately the hospital cannot help until I turn 30. So that’s an exciting time to look forward to. Of course, Duke will still be Mummy’s little baby!

This year promises to be pretty awesome at work. The Company has secured some new big contracts and I have joined as a Director now rather than just Operations Manager which means I can implement some new ideas and the Company is opening up in new areas and it’s going well.

So I’m not longer stressed about turning 30. I have a lot to look forward to this year and a lot of goals I would like to achieve. I really hope you guys are having a positive year. I appreciate that at times, being positive can seem like an impossibility. We all hit low points, we all have bad days but it’s if you choose to dwell on it or not.

I have a Panic Disorder, I have panic attacks regularly and they do affect quite a few aspects of my life. But I can sit there, get upset about it or I can turn round and say, well that was a hiccup – let’s move on. Not always easy but it’s doable!

I wish you all the best this year. I hope you all have an absolutely awesome (word of the week!) 2017!!!



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