Those little projects at home

You know those little projects at home that you just never get around to doing? Might be something small which isn’t important but just niggles at you a bit. It would take just five or ten minutes but there’s always something a little more important to do so it becomes a “do it later” project. Then you realise it’s been months and you still haven’t got around to it. And it begins to bother you…

We moved in to our house in January 2016 and I really love the place. It’s the Mary Poppins house – practically perfect in every way. For us at least.

When we moved in I noticed some paint peeling on the inside of my wardrobe door. Not a big thing but to repaint it has been on my list now since then. I’d like to get some hooks up on the inside of the door so I can plan my outfit for the next day. We have some command hooks in the drawer so it was just a question of painting the door. Little white paint pot has been sat there… but life got in the way. So, I wrote down this little project and all the other little projects I had been meaning to get back to and blitzed them in one evening. And do you know how good I felt after?

Such small little projects but just accomplishing them can make your day.

Another little project was planting the herbs in our utility room. Unfortunately, we lost the last lot last September when they weren’t watered when we went away. I’ve had the seeds for ages but not just hadn’t got around to planting them.


Duke was very helpful when I popped out in the garden to do these. He decided it was playtime:


We’ve got one of those coffee tables with baskets under them. I haven’t even looked in the baskets since they were at the last house. They just came over as they were and slotted back into their usual spot. The rubbish I dumped out of them was crazy!

If you’ve got any little projects like this, I would really recommend setting aside just an hour a week and doing what you can. I’ve now started a list on the fridge with any items I need for future projects so when I next go shopping, I can get the bits in so when I get a chance – I have no excuses!

It might not necessarily be a project like DIY or de-cluttering. It might be that you need to give that relative a call but you know it’s going to be a long call so you put it off. It might be filling in that form that was sent through a week ago, but you need to dig out paperwork etc. to fill it in. We are all guilty of this. My laptop insurance letter has been sat on the side now for about 3 weeks. That’s on my list for this evening! The dog might need a bath, you know the kind of thing.

These little things just niggle at the background but it’s not until you do them that you realise quite how much they were bothering you. So, here’s my advice for the day:

  • Walk room to room with a notepad and jot down any little projects that you wanted to do
  • Write a shopping list for all the bits you will need to do these projects (and if it’s painting or other DIY – think about dustsheets and paint brushes etc.)
  • Look in your diary and schedule in an afternoon, an evening or a couple of hours on a Sunday morning to get these things done
  • Set yourself a nice work environment – put on some upbeat music and get to it
  • Then pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath or some me-time as a reward because you will feel good once you’ve done these things!

Have a great day guys



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