Day One!!!!

Hi All,

It’s just gone 3pm on Day One and I have done some new things today which is great. Not necessarily stopping here but while I’ve a good few minutes to sit down and write, I thought I would post what I’ve done so far.

Started off in Salisbury, went for a walk around parts of the city I haven’t been to before. I also popped into the Help to Buy South expo at the Guildhall. Wasn’t there long. Everyone was nice enough but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that kind of event on my own at the mo.


I got home about lunchtime and my next challenge was actually clean my laptop! It was really getting quite dirty and to be honest, I tend to just run a duster over it but decided to actually get some proper cleaner and really clean it today – looks a lot better (little achievement but still something new – before and after pics).

I’ve just come back from taking Duke to a NEW park and he loved it! It’s only a few minutes drive and he had a great time. He didn’t want to leave and decided to plonk down opposite the car (you can see how close we got at the end!) and just relax in the shade. I just sat on the pavement – really were that close to leaving lol – and we just relaxed for a little while and watched the world go by.




So let’s see what else today brings but so far – new things happening and I’m enjoying it! I wonder what Day Two tomorrow will bring?! Panic Attack free day at the moment. It’s been lovely being out in the sunshine and spending time with Duke.



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