Day 2 – Kicking anxiety butt today!

Hi all,

So it’s about 4.30pm on day 2 and I’ve been able to do a couple more new things today. But rather than it just be – I’ve done a few knew things today – I’ve realised a few truths.

I started off today with some crafting. I asked my partner for a unicorn for Christmas as a passing joke. He bought me:


Bless him! Did make me laugh. But today, I thought “why not” – so…..


For years I have said I’m no good at craft, I am not creative, etc. But actually being honest with myself, it’s because I’m always worried that I won’t do a good enough job and that people will say something that’s not so nice. So it’s just easier to come away from any creative-type situations. But I thought today, why not? – just do it! No, I’m not particularly talented but I think it looks okay and it’s only for me anyway.

I also took a step into dealing with my Emetophobia (phobia of vomiting). I’ve downloaded ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Drive’ by Rob Kelly. I’ve watched videos about this on Youtube and everything looks quite positive so I wanted to try it. I’ve gone through the first 2 chapters and actually done the exercises. I see what he means and when I saw the exercises, my initial thought was “nah, I don’t need to do those” but I pushed myself to and can actually see the benefit now.

My Emetophobia has become such a negative influence on my life so I’m all for giving this everything. Fingers crossed eh?

Let’s see what tomorrow brings but I’m really pleased in the steps I’ve made already, even though they aren’t particularly large. I woke up this morning with a positive mindset to actually do something new rather than wake up feeling ‘oh God, here we go again’.

Happy Days Guys 🙂 xx


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