Day 4 – a long day!

Hi all, 

I am so ready for bed right now! You know when you’ve had one of those long days and you’re just physically and mentally drained?

Spent the day working from home which meant I got a lot of Duke cuddles. Work wise, a lot of faffy things to do today. Just wrote email after email for what seemed like hours.

Called time on the work front a few hours ago. I’ve done my new thing of today – joined in on one of these TV quiz things that you join in via an app….. bit odd and one has to wonder if they do really use your answers. 

But it was an hour doing something new anyway.

Spent a bit of time following the emetophobia problem. I actually sat down over the last couple of nights and spoke to the other half about it. I tend to shut off when I go into panic attack mode and I know sometimes he doesn’t quite understand what I’m going through. So I’m now taking the time to talk him through it and I think it’s good for both of us. 


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