Day 5 – one little thing = a lot of thoughts

Spent most of day working in the office, typical day really. Ordered a crazy amount of equipment to stock a couple of our medical rooms. 

The new things done of the day have been done since I’ve been home this afternoon. Needless to say, young Duke has been my helpful assistant.

It was finances I decided to focus on today. For the first time I checked my credit score – pleasantly surprised but always ways to improve.

I sat down after and wrote down all outgoings to see how I can save a bit more money, things to save for over the year and came up with a bit of a plan.

Wish I had done more today but it’s not even 9pm and I’m struggling to stay awake. My anxiety is keeping me up at night. I just lie in bed worrying about things and it takes ages for me to drop off. 

Currently still up waiting for the other half to get home from work. Duke enjoying cuddles with Mummy. 

On another note, this has been my lovely view this evening from the garden:

One of the best features of this house – amazing views 🙂

Let’s aim for more new things tomorrow


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