Day 12 – rubbish day :-(

Evening all, 

Can’t wait for bed tonight to be honest. Rubbish day all round so let’s try again tomorrow.

Work wise, lots done but my ambulance 4×4 is still in the garage and I needed that out for a job this evening so had to change everything around. 

Been at home since lunchtime as we had a meeting and a cycling job booked in for my partner and I this afternoon to evening but we worked out that would have meant leaving Duke a long time and we didn’t think that fair. So he had mummy working from home to keep him company.

My first new thing today was an online course I did on child safeguarding, in particular spotting potential child exploitation issues. Very eye opening.

My second thing was actually removing a spider from the house. It was fairly big and I had a moment of thinking that I was going to have to retreat upstairs! But no, I was not going to let a spider beat me and it is I longer in the house.

New thing number 3, tried a new pizza today. Never had stuffed crust before. I’m lactose intolerant but every now and then I think, I want dairy! But I really didn’t like it so now the other half is home, he’s eating it. 

Last New thing of the day, I’ve tried out some new online survey sites tonight and I made about £4 in about an hour which for sitting at home on the sofa I thought was great. But you have to get £40 to withdraw so may be a while to see any money.

But just a bit of a lack lustre day really. Roll on tomorrow. Night all 


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