Day 17 – a few things identified

Good Evening,

Just chilling for the evening with Duke and thought I would have a proper catch up with you guys.

Today has given me a lot of things to think about.

I got up fairly early and after a quick breakfast, I dropped off some Avon books. When canvassing a new road, every now and then you get a book thrown back at you. This, I used to take quite personally but today I realised, it’s more their problem than mine.

I’m doing my best to bring in an additional income, be it small and to be honest, once I’ve bought brochures – I very rarely make any money at all. It’s become more of a social thing as I have a few customers that I get on very well with, plus it helps me with my driving.

But, I don’t force the books on anyone, I just don’t like people being rude about it. She could have been polite and simply handed the book back to me saying “no thank you”. Why do people have to be rude? It just made me think about the importance of being kind rather than being rude. How many times do we cut people off, not give them our full attention because we are looking at our texts, etc. I’ve decided I’m going to try even harder to be the kindest person I can be.

Anyway, I did some housework and a lot of work from home. I guess the main new thing I did today, was stand up to a member of staff.

I’m not going to go into details but we have one particular member of staff on the team who has had some personal difficulties and we have done everything we can. We have helped move her twice, given her advances on her wages, given her clothes, put her up, etc. And we would do that for anyone that needed us. But today, she got grumpy because she wanted us to do her mileage claims and I was cross about this. All other staff do it themselves. She knows she can come to the office and use the computers etc, we don’t mind but we are working so hard at the moment and it’s a lot of admin for 2 people and I was just disappointed she seems to be take take take. So basically, I said no today. For the first time. I don’t like having to do that but sometimes you have to say no. Think my partner is as surprised as I am that I said no.

Anyway, have spent some time this evening writing to my penpals. Waiting for the other half to get home.

In my head I’m thinking of kindness and about maybe organising a little random acts of kindness campaign. I’ve set up a couple of charity projects at work, the raffle and also have started a stamp collecting for charity project. Going to have a bit of a brainstorm tonight I think on things I can do. I’ve been watching some TEDx talks for a bit of inspiration.

Tomorrow we have an office day and then it’s off to a local airfield to cover a cycling event there. Really like it down there 🙂 everyone is so friendly and it’s such a good atmosphere.

Hope you’re all having a good evening,



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