Day 31 – bit of an emotional one

Hi all,

Was an odd and emotional day. As we worked til late last night in the office, we actually slept in a bit this morning – very unlike us!

Went to the office and got quite a bit done. Set up our new printer, invoices etc. 

This afternoon we went out to look at a new warehouse-type build for a new office. We love the offices we are in now but unfortunately the owner wants to demolish them in the future so we thought we would have a look around – looking at another one tomorrow. 

Today was the first time I was prepared to take a big company risk – bigger than a few hundred quid on uniforms. Renting a large property for the company like the one we looked at today means potentially a lot higher bills. Rather than be put off by that, I guess I decided to change my view point to be – well higher bills will be an incentive to go get a lot more customers to pay them!

This evening, we had one of our old response cars picked up by a scrappy. Kind of an end of an era, too much on the repair front to keep it really. Weird the emotional attachments you get to vehicles isn’t it? 


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