Day 32 – A pickle of a day

Evening all,

Currently sat with Duke on the sofa – trying to relax but of course my mind is fixating on tomorrow’s hypnotherapy appointment tomorrow. Bit of nervousness about that, mixed with positive anticipation about making a good step forward.

Today we had a look around a potential new office. It was still being built so for the first time I found myself being shown round an empty warehouse-type build having to wear a hard hat and hi vis.

I’m still in two minds as to whether or not to take the risk or make a safer option work. It’s one thing taking a risk on something that solely effects you – but, when it can have an impact on the 50 people that work for you – is it a risk to take?

Devastated to hear about Manchester Arena and the lives lost there last night. Thoughts with their families at this time. 

It really does put things in perspective and I guess it’s had the effect on me today of becoming even more protective of my loved ones and staff. I send staff into those kind of venues daily and I find myself sat here wondering how I can make them more safe. 

Lots on my mind…


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