An Overdue blog

Hi All,


Apologies for it having been so long since I have blogged. I had really hoped that my last challenge would work and make a difference. Alas, not quite the result I had hoped for.

My panic and anxiety issues have really hit me harder than ever and I haven’t been in a good place at all to be honest. I have started seeing a hypnotherapist and I was hoping that would start working a little bit quicker than it has but I am still having a positive attitude that it will help in the long run.

However, I know I need to be doing things away from my appointments to make a difference in my life too.

I scrapped my last vision board and came at it again but like I really meant it. It ended up a lot bigger than I anticipated it would!



I took a lot more pictures than what has ended up on here and looking at what was left, I was surprised. Things I had cut out that I thought I had wanted turned out to not be as important as some things that have ended up on here.

Today I have studied my vision board and written down goals that I can take from it. Obviously one section covers keep fit and losing weight. So I sat down and worked out how I wanted to do that.

I’ve contacted some local fitness groups and pencilled in sessions tomorrow morning and Saturday morning. I have booked a place on a local walk on Tuesday morning. Rather than just think about it and want it, I’m trying to make a positive step in that direction.

There’s a section with a camera and a YouTube logo as I want to continue posting – vlogging, blogging, etc so today I am writing this blog and I have posted to Instagram. This blog post will also pop up on my Twitter feed.

Rather than push myself to blog every day and it end up a bit of a panic if I can’t because I’ve had to go to the office or something has come up and I end up beating myself up about it – I’m going to blog once a week – at least initially.

I really don’t like living in fear of having panic attacks which then lead to them occurring. I just want to get over this and be happy really. Isn’t that what we all want really?


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