Christmas in July!!!

Hi All,

I know speaking of Christmas is going to be way too early for some of you but I know I am not the only Christmas fan here!

Whilst trying to get myself together and organised at work, I am not trying to follow suit at home and this involves preparing for some of the bigger life events ahead of time. This includes Christmas.

I have now officially started my Christmas shopping! Since January I have put a little money aside each month towards Christmas. And now I am on the look out for little stocking fillers and gifts for everyone.

This is my Christmas haul so far:


I started off with a few colouring books for some care home residents I work with that enjoy colouring. A few Star Wars bits for the other half. I’ve ordered Christmas cards from Studio 24 and I got some cute present toppers from Paperchase. The cookie cutter set was only 99p from Lakeland in their sale and my friend will love that!

My aim is to buy half a dozen presents per month so that when November / December comes I’ll mainly be looking to just top up and wrap up. That reminds me… must wrap the other half’s presents in brown paper now to stop him snooping.

If you’re starting your shopping early too,  my main advice would be to note down what you have bought for each person. I have opened up my Christmas app on my tablet again and am noting what I have bought every one so I don’t overbuy for one person or forget someone.

Have a great day guys


Sophie xx


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