Girl Boss-ing it – Challenging Negativity

Hi All,

Just a little note for everyone today on challenging negativity.

As you know if you’ve ready some of my other blogs – I suffer from severe anxiety and I have been seeing a hypnotherapist about this. Part of my homework was to challenge my negative thoughts and initially this was not easy.

I am one of those people that likes to be in control of things and when I am not in control, I panic. But I am learning to deal with this issues. I cannot control everything. Particularly not other people and that’s fine. I wouldn’t like to be controlled.

What I can control is – how I respond to situations and people. Having a panic attack and constantly worrying about something is not helping. So I have been working on trying to change my responses.


Here’s an example of a work issue that hit us this week:

An ex employee (dismissed for various reasons) decided to leave a negative review on my Company’s Facebook page for all to see.

My normal reaction to this would have been to worry that my customers can see this, my other staff can and this would normally have ended up in a full-blown panic attack and I would have been stressed about this for days.

INSTEAD – I removed the review but I decided to make a positive experience out of this. I simply banned that member of staff from the page. I then went on and updated it, added some new Company info and photos. I republished in and ended up getting about another 20 likes within the hour.

So I took what was initially a negative experience and turned it in to a positive one.


That’s the main thing to take from this. There is normally a positive element that can be found in a negative situation.

With this employee, they fluffed up and lost their job. Of course they were going to be bitter but rather than focus on them – I chose to focus on boosting the Company for the sake of all the awesome staff I have working for me.

Since this experience, I now update the Facebook page daily and we are growing our online presence by the day 🙂


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