Hi all,

2 of my friends and I made a little challenge to each other over the festive period. Each month we give one another a challenge that is meant to be productive or for benefit of the other. My friend Zoe knows that I get quite stressed at work so she challenged me to take regular ‘me-breaks’.

Initially I thought, I’m never going to fit this in but actually, it can be done.

I am a fan of bubble baths. We have little fairy lights and battery candles in the bathroom for a bit of subdued lighting. Luckily over Christmas I got some lovely body washes and bath bombs so always plenty to choose from. I go on YouTube and search ‘spa music’ and I find I relax really quickly.


I’ve started colouring which I find quite therapeutic. Also, my Mum leant me some jigsaws and I’ve been shutting myself off in the dining room, putting some music on and spending a bit of time in the evenings doing those which has been great.


How do you like to relax? What works best for you?

I find spending time catching up on blogs and vlogs quite relaxing. It’s nice to get immersed in someone else’s life and take the focus off yours if it’s a stressful time. I also enjoy reading or watching organisational tips. I’ll often try a few to see if it makes a difference and I’ll do a blog on organisational tips later in the month. But sorting out a to-do list or getting my clothes ready for the next day – just being organised can put me in a good mood. Knowing that I can have an extra half hour in bed because I have sorted out what I need for the next day before I go to bed means I sleep better and I can relax so I count the organising as me-time.

Duke is a great stress-reliever. I can be in the worst mood and he will just come over, drop a toy in front of me, wag his tail and I can’t help but smile. Whilst I’m typing this now, he’s sat on my lap, snout on the table and every now and then when I move he’ll jump up and give me a lick. Having a play with him or going for a walk, even doing his training with him is a great break away from everything else.


Playing the piano is a good break. It depends if I’m being good and working through scales etc initially. Sometimes I’ll just start playing whatever I fancy and it’s just for fun.

I can’t say sitting down to watch a film means I relax as I just get fidgety and need to be doing something else so unless it’s an amazing film, the laptop or phone comes out. Does anyone else do that?

Anyway, I would like to know what you do in your ‘me-time’. What’s your best way to de-stress? Are there any blogs or vlogs you would recommend on this?


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